1. Dress me in natural fibers. Let me sleep with natural bedding. Polyester is oftentimes flammable and dosen't allow my skin to breathe properly.

  2. Don't use me as a billboard for multinational corporate logos and slogans. My real identity is with you. I need you to coax it out of me.

  3. Encourage me to eat naturally rather than fast foods and sodas. You will enjoy my 'natural' state rather than the addictive one.

  4. Eliminate 'dairy' from my diet! You have all the milk I need. Cows milk is for baby cows.

  5. Stop 'shaking and shushing ' me when I cry. Take a deep breath a sing softly. The more relaxed you are the more comfort I find in your touch.

  6. I don't need an attention span. I need your ability to keep my attention. An endless supply of humor does the trick.

  7. Teach me my environment is my inheritence. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

  8. Take me to thrift stores. Not malls!

  9. Teach me financial responsability. Don't let me go into debt for the sake of instant gratification.

  10. Raise me without the influence of television. Be my 'remote' control.

  11. If you hug me every day I may never go away.emptyhearted.

  12. Show me that to do as you do is the right thing to do.

  13. Teach me to bike, swim, and run. Most pro sports aren't sporting.

  14. ELIMINATE soft-drinks completely. They're addictive and unhealthy.

  15. We are each other's student and teacher and those roles are reversable always.

  16. Check the internet for RECALLS. My safety comes first. But you know that!

  17. Show me community and respect for my humanity.

  18. Teach me the words to the song "The Greatest Love" over and over again. And then teach me "Imagine" by John Lennon.

  19. READ and RESEARCH the ingredients on everything you surround me with.

  20. We have an 18 year commitment with each other. I am bound to do as you have taught me and exemplified.

  21. Your undying patience with me will teach me patience with my own children and keep me from hurting them. Since I am conceived in love I want to be received in love.
    © 2002 garry golightly

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