Welcome to the Bubble Man's 2012 schedule! This schedule covers Bubble Man's public events. Private events such as birthdays, etc. are just that, private and are not posted.

Please refer to this schedule for public appearances. Private appearances (such as Birthday parties and other events) are not reflected in the schedule.

The Bubble Man spends a varied amount of time at one of Seattle's most beautiful parks, Carkeek Park in North Seattle! 11:AM for the pre-nap crowd. 3:PM to sunset for the after school crowd. Join me for some after-schoolery "Bubble Foolery!" Appearances are of course dependent upon the weather. (Note: The grayer the day, the more likely I will play!) Clouds are good for bubbles!! The Bubble Man does not appear at the park very often the months of June, July, and August. (If you would like to call the Bubble Man to inquire whether he will be at Carkeek Park, feel free to call him @206.729.6692.) Anytime!

Click HERE for directions to Carkeek Park.
Click HERE to learn about Carkee Park.

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Just call 206.781.6749 and leave a message for Garry Golightly.

2014 Schedule

The 2014 schedule is coming soon! Please check back shortly.

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