Welcome to the Bubble Man's 2014 schedule! This schedule covers Bubble Man's public events. Private events such as birthdays, etc. are just that, private and are not posted.
Please refer to this schedule for public appearances. Private appearances (such as Birthday parties and other events) are not reflected in the schedule.
The Bubble Man spends a varied amount of time at one of Seattle's most beautiful parks, Carkeek Park in North Seattle! 11:AM for the pre-nap crowd. 3:PM to sunset for the after school crowd. Join me for some after-schoolery "Bubble Foolery!" Appearances are of course dependent upon the weather. (Note: The grayer the day, the more likely I will play!) Clouds are good for bubbles!! The Bubble Man does not appear at the park very often the months of June, July, and August. (If you would like to call the Bubble Man to inquire whether he will be at Carkeek Park, feel free to call him @206.729.6692.) Anytime!

Click HERE for directions to Carkeek Park.
Click HERE to learn about Carkeek Park.

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2014 Schedule

The following schedule reflects Bubbleman's public events only. It does not contain my private schedule. On any given day you can spot the Bubbleman at Carkeek Park (directions) in North Seattle. Less in the summertime because he's busy with birthdays, weddings, caps and company picnics. Call 206.729.6692 to inquire whether I am at Carkeek Park. Look for Bubbleman's art installation at Carkeek Park beginning July 5th. Also "Play Attention", the piano keyboard crosswalk to the bridge at Carkeek is Bubbleman's Permanent Exhibition.

May 11: "Mother's Day"
All day at Carkeek Park

May 17: Walgreen's Grand Reopening
Edmonds, WA 1:30 PM

May 18: Alki, West Seattle Quirkiness
"Costume Bicycle Parade"
Bubbleshow at 1:30 PM

May 31: Unitarian Universalist Church Fair
Wedgewood Neighborhood
35 AV Seattle,WA
Bubbles at 2:PM

June 8: "Waterfront Whimsey" a the Great Ferris Wheel
Bubble Performance- 11:AM

June 14: "Marysville Kids Day" (Flag Day)
Asbury Field Marysville, WA
Bubbleshow at 12:00

June 15: "Burien Strawberry Festival"
Bubbles In The Street- 2:PM

June 19: "Buckley Youth Center" Buckley,WA
Showtime 1:PM

June 21: "Morgan Junction Festival"
California, Av, W. Seattle
Bubble Show at 11:30 AM

June 21: "Fremont Solstice Parade" Seattle's Best Fest!
Bubbleman cannot attend and recommends you do!
Volunteer to build floats at the Powerhouse in Fremont!

June 28: Cal Anderson Park Capital Hill Seattle
Bubble Show at 1:PM

June 30: "Ballard Blessings" in Ballard Community Park
(blessing same sex marriages.)
Across from the Ballard Library
Bubbleman (Single) 1:PM

July 4th: "America's 240th Birthday"!!!
Carnation, WA Downtown
Bubbles at 2:PM

July 22: Bubbleman's Birthday "61 years...33 years a Bubbleman!"
(Better start counting backwards) (;o) ooo

July 26: "Shoreline Solar Festival"
Shoreline Community College
"Solar Powered" Bubble Show at 1:PM

August 2: "Family Fun Festival"
Gig Harbor, WA

August 13: "Fizz-Boom-Pop" (Bubble Themed)
Kitsap Library
Port Orchard, WA
Bubble Presentation at 10:30 AM

September 28: "Ballard Sustainable Festival"
Across from the Ballard Library in the Park.
Well worth the visit!
Bubble Time at 1:00 PM

Note to Parents:
There are dozens and dozens of 'bubble recipes' all over the internet. None of them are viable or practical...except mine. If you want endless hours of bubble fun for your child, school, daycare, or event.you will need the following:

  • 1 five gallon bucket.
  • 1 thirty gallon bucket (trash can).
  • 24 ounces of Joy or Dawn Dish Soap.

Put the 5 gallon bucket inside the 30 gallon bucket and fill the 5 gallon bucket with water one inch from the top. The reason for the 30 gallon bucket is threefold. Safer for children playing with 5 gallons of liquid. No chance of spilling the bubblejuice. Excess suds scooped into the big bucket make for more bubblejuice the next day. Pour 3 cups (24 oz) of Joy or Dawn...no more...no less. Now you have 5 gallons of Bubble Juice for pennies! Use almost anything plastic with holes to make bubbles. Use your own imagination. Better yet. Let you child use his/her own imagination. Always remember that cool, calm, cloudy weather is good bubble weather!

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