Everybuddy Loves A Bubble
by Garry Golightly copyright 2002

If every buddy loved a bubble
Then we wouldn't have the trouble
That we're having everyday
Because we just forgot to play!

Now a bubble is a sphere
On the inside and the out.
Colored rainbows everywhere
Floating round and round about

In their quiet little way
They can brighten up your day.
Put a smile on your face.
Running all around the place.

If you really want to know
How to make a bubble grow
Take a big deep breath and blow
Through your nose...very slow.

Blowing bubbles are the best
When you really need a rest
Soap and water every day
And a willingness to play

You may help yourself go rightly.
As you walk this earth...go lightly

by Garry Golightly copyright 2002

One clear-cloudy day by the side of a pond,
Thought I'd cheer people up with some soap and a wand.
In their cars driving by and their faces so troubled
I knew they would smile if only I bubbled.

I blew bubbles as big as the size of their cars!
Yet others I blew seemed as small as the stars.
And they stopped and they looked. Every girl! Every boy!
By the looks on their faces there was nothing but joy.

"Do you bubble at weddings?" someone yelled from afar.
"I do now." And he asked me "What do you charge?"
"$1,000.00 an hour with 900 off."
Surprised by my offer he started to laugh.

The next thing I know I'm dressed in a tux.
The weather was awful and I'm in a flux.
Then someone approached me. She directed a school.
"Could you bubble for us? That looked really cool."

My picture appeared in the paper next day.
So I drove around in my van and continued to play.
So the telephone rang and I'm off to Japan.
They too were looking for The Bubbleman!

I hopped on a plane. Now I'm in Tokyo.
"Wonderful People!" It's a Japanese game show!
I couldn't bubblieve it. My first time on TV!
When I returned to America I charged a fee!

I bubbled at birhtdays. At schools. At events.
I bubbled in Poland in big circus tents.
For children in hospitals I really cared.
The Chernoble Children so sick they just stared.

>From London to Moscow I bubbled on trains.
When I went to Australia I bubbled on planes.
But the most fun I had when it came to my bubles?
Was when I could go to a place that had troubles.

In many a country I found many sad faces.
>From Gypsys to orphans in cold and dark places.
With raggedy clothes and tears in their eyes
And then out of nowhere a bubble surprise!

The children would gather from all over town.
"Is he a jester? A juggler? A clown?"
As bubbles were flying some got in their eyes.
But they were not troubled. They love bubble guys!

The Bubbleman gathered up all of his toys.
To make giant bubbles for girls and for boys.
To teach them a lesson to have fun and to breathe.
To show them that in themselves they must believe.

With racquets and baskets and soda-can rings
You can make bubbles with wonderful things.
A bottle of soap and 15 parts water.
A joy for your son. a thrill for your daughter.

So get off your butt and forget all your troubles.
There's a lot more to life. I found it in bubbles.
Take your time. Look within. See you own deep reflection.
I know you'll be happy you made that selection.

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